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In 1988 the farmer's movement took flight after years of government policies that neglected farmers' profits and sacrificed agriculture to develop industry and municipal construction. The farmers' loss has also been huge due to the unavoidable natural disasters, The combination of central government and local power was clearly represented by the unfortunate organization of co-operatives. Thus, the discontent of farmers became more and more, resulting in a vehement hatred for the government from "3.16" Through "5.16",to the biggest "520" action. In the 520 action, 5000 farmers marched through on the downtown Taipei to government office in order to propose their 7 requests, including the earlier schedule for the farmers' healthy insurance, the promise of the rice price guarantees, and the release of farmland sale, etc. Their actions have become the most radical since 1979. Like urban-guerrilla warfare, the violence between the storm department and the farmers continued onto the night, with lots of students and civilians coming out is sympathy with the farmers, students and civilians were arrested because of their radical behavior. All are people who live in the same land, however, they cannot help but fight with each other until the both sides become bloody and miserable.


Source: Taiwan International Documentary Festival